Where are they located?

The Dhanuks live all across India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. Dhanuks are scattered from Morang in the east to the Terai in the west. But they Dhanuk are also found in Saptari, Siraha and Dhanusa in the east. Their main area of settlement streches from Saptari to Dhanusa in the plain inner valley south of the Churia hills. It is hard to tell the population of minority nationality of Dhanuks in Nepal.

Their language and culture of the Dhanuks are similar to the Tharus. The minority nationality of Dhanuks, like Tharus. They
also look very much like Tharus. They are influenced by Hindu religion and the Indian culture across the border. The language of Dhanuks is the Maithili, thethi and Hindi language used in eastern Terai.

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